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Ithaca Flooring Solutions is an expert when it comes to installing superior commercial epoxy flooring that covers a wide range of substrates. We love that we put our customers first by providing competitively priced industrial epoxy flooring. When you need epoxy flooring that seals and protects your high traffic areas with a design element, Ithaca Flooring Solutions is your best choice. Ithaca Flooring Solutions delivers flawless epoxy floors to Binghamton properties.

Binghamton Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Binghamton is a city in New York, nestled in Broome County, Binghamton is home to over 46,000 citizens. Check out our selection of industrial epoxy flooring and commercial epoxy flooring we provide for our Binghamton customers. The hardest choice you’ll have to make is which of our variety of epoxy flooring you’ll go with at Ithaca Flooring Solutions!

Binghamton Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We want to give you the most recent technology that gives you years of value and appeal for your epoxy floors. Ithaca Flooring Solutions offers commercial epoxy flooring that meets the client’s needs. If you’re looking to renovate your industrial space, then contact our team. Ithaca Flooring Solutions are experts in the installation of epoxy floors. So, call today to schedule a FREE estimate!
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